The Process:

We are as excited about your celebration as you are and look forward to discussing your design ideas with you. Designing your custom invitation suite begins with a face-to-face meeting if you live in New Orleans or through email and phone for out of town and international clients. We will determine the type of invitation you are interested in based on the details of your event and your overall vision. Due to the detailed nature of custom wedding invitations, we request you contact us at least 4 months before your invitation & mailing date to ensure on-time delivery.

After the design deposit, you will receive your first round of invitation designs.

When all the details have been determined, including your colors,paper selections, fonts and any embellishments, we will send you a final proof of your invitation suite to review as well as an updated estimate reflecting any changes to our initial proposal. Once you approve your design and invoice, we require a minimum of 60% of your total invoice to be paid before production can begin. Payment may be sent via check, money order or you can request an authorization form for credit card payments.

Invitations can take between 4 to 8 weeks to be delivered depending on the type of invitation selected and the complexity of the order.

Once your fonts, colors, wording, etc. are selected, we will provide you with a detailed quote based on our meeting. Because our invitation designs are highly customized, pricing is individual and our minimum order size is 50 invitations. After approving your quote, we require a $250 design deposit to start on your draft. The deposit is applied to your order once it is placed.

Via email, please provide us with any edits to the designs that you would like to see and well get to work refining the pieces. Well exchange emails or calls back and forth until the designs are perfect!

Digital guest addressing is available at an additional fee. All guest addresses must be submitted in the proper format at the time of final approval.

Most invitations must be weighed by the post office in order to determine the cost of postage. This cannot be done until the final invitation is printed and constructed.

Invitations can be shipped via your choice of UPS or FedEx. Clients within the New Orleans area can also arrange pick up. Completed orders will not be delivered or shipped until the invoice is paid in full.

Please Note: Once proof is approved and is sent for printing, customer will become responsible for paying to reprint the job due to any spelling grammatical, and/or content errors.

PHONE: 504-975-4089
FAX: 886-337-2430

“I think that emotional content is an invitation's
most important element, regardless of the design technique.
Much of the work I see these days lacks the emotional impact to
draw a reaction from viewers, or remain in their hearts.”


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